Egg diet?really egg diet lose weight?

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Hi Friends, today we will talk about, Howto lose 24 pounds in 2 weeks. THE BOILED EGG DIET – LOSE 24 POUNDS INJUST 2 WEEKS. Nutritionists and health experts alike agree that the boiled egg diet can help you lose up to 24 pounds in just 2 weeks, try it outyourself and you’ll see. America’s biggest health concern is obesity. It’s not just the obesity but all the healthrisks that go along, including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular problems, all of whichhave fatal consequences. Losing weight is difficult but it’s somethingyou have to do if you’re overweight or obese because if you don’t you put your healthat risk. But how to do it? Well, it requires a well-balanced diet, reducingthe calories count and starting some physical activity, these three things are a must ifyou want to shed the weight. However, you shouldn’t starve yourself eitherjust eliminate the empty calories you ingest through soda drinks, fast foods, sweets anddesserts and start consuming more whole grains, fruits and veggies. If you think you’ve tried just about everydiet and nothing seems to work, don’t fall in despair, the boiled egg diet will helpyou achieve the wanted results in the shortest period of time. If you follow the boiled egg diet you canlose up to 24 pounds in just 2 weeks. The diet is based on eggs which are highlynutritious and super-healthy. The diet is a low-calorie one that gives fastresults in a short period of time but it’s not meant for long-lasting results. If you want to have long-lasting results youneed to alter your day-to-day diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our body needs calories for energy and weneed a healthy intake of nutrients to function properly. If we strip our body of the nutrients it requireswe risk harming our overall health and develop serious health problems. The diet we recommend in this article is consistedof healthy, whole foods and is mainly based on eggs. Eggs are abundant in a number of healthy nutrients,vitamins and minerals, everything you need. If you replace all the unhealthy food youeat with the ingredients we recommend you’ll lose weight fast and improve your overallhealth as well. To give you an example of how healthy eggsare let’s see everything 1 egg contains. In just one egg you’ll find vitamins B2,B12, B5 and A, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, folate, manganese and 6gr. of proteins. One egg only has 77 calories but all the importantnutrients you need. All of these healthy nutrients are consistedin the yolk, the white is just protein. Here’s the 2-week boiled egg diet plan:The eggs should be consumed boiled. 1. Monday:Breakfast: 1 fruit and 2 eggs. Lunch: 1 fruit and 2 pieces of toast. Dinner: Salad and a piece of chicken. 1. Tuesday:Breakfast: 1 fruit and 2 eggs. Lunch: a piece of chicken and a bowl of lettuce. Dinner: 1 orange, a bowl of salad and 2 eggs. 1. Wednesday:Breakfast: 1 fruit and 2 eggs. Lunch: 1 slice of bread, 1 tomato and somelow-fat cheese. Dinner: a bowl of salad and a piece of chicken. 1. Thursday:Breakfast: 2 eggs and a piece of fruit. Lunch: 1 fruit. Dinner: steamed chicken and a bowl of salad. 1. Friday:Breakfast: 1 fruits and 2 eggs. Lunch: 2 eggs and some steamed veggies. Dinner: fish (barbequed) and a bowl of salad. 1. Saturday:Breakfast: 2 eggs and 1 fruit. Lunch: fruit. Dinner: a piece of chicken and a bowl of salad. 1. Sunday:Breakfast: 2 eggs and 1 fruit. Lunch: a bowl of tomatoes, steamed veggiesand some chicken meat. Dinner: steamed veggies. WEEK 2:Breakfast is the same every day: 1 piece of fruit and 2 eggs. 1. Monday:Lunch: a bowl of salad and some chicken meat. Dinner: a bowl of salad, 1 orange and 2 eggs. 1. Tuesday:Lunch: 2 eggs and a bowl of steamed veggies. Dinner: fish (barbecued) and salad. 1. Wednesday:Lunch: a piece of chicken and a bowl of salad. Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 orange and 1 orange. 1. Thursday:Lunch: 2 eggs, steamed veggies and some low fat cheese. Dinner: chicken and salad. 1. Friday:Lunch: a bowl of tuna salad. Dinner: 2 eggs and a bowl of salad. 1. Saturday:Lunch: 2 eggs and some fruit. Dinner: fruit. 1. Sunday:Lunch: steamed veggies and chicken meat. Dinner: the same as lunch. Before you start this diet plan consult withyour doctor. The diet is fairly simple and easy to follow,just remember to take up some moderate exercise routine as well.

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