Vitamins and minerals to reduce hair fall

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Hi friends In this video I will be telling you about those vitamins and minerals which are essential to keep our hair healthy and are also essential for hair growth When there is a deficiency of these vitamins and minerals in our body then our hair begin to dry out become thin and also start falling prematurely But when we address this vitamin deficiency by vitamin supplements and a healthy wholesome diet then hair fall stops, hair also stop drying out and new and healthy hair are able to grow when people notice that their hair are falling then they get very worried and in order to stop their hair fall they start experimenting with all kinds of shampoos, hair oils, serums and spa treatments According to the statistics, the biggest cause of hair fall is a deficiency of proteins vitamins and minerals in our body which can be a result of anaemia, poor diet or some disease Besides this, the other big cause of hair fall is hormonal imbalance in our body the common causes of hormonal imbalance in our body are pregnancy menopause a deficiency of thyroid hormones in our system.

PCOS Nowadays in the youth a big cause of hormonal imbalance is stress besides this, many times hard water or water which has a lot of chlorine and chemicals in it, can also lead to hair fall Also, every shampoo is not suitable for every person and which shampoo will suit you perfectly will only be known by trial and error But for healthy hair, what is really essential is a balance of Vitamins & Minerals in the body

If we take in the adequate quantity of Vitamins & Minerals in the form of vitamin supplements and through a healthy diet then every type of hair fall is reduced and bought under control Along with this, if you take good care of your hair then 80-90% of people will observe reduced hair fall Videos dealing with simple hair care tips and Natural hair Masks and also a video about the Best Shampoos are all uploaded on my channel – Please see them also. In this video, I will be telling you about how to maintain health in your hair and also enable growth in them by using the right kind of Vitamins & Minerals, as also their correct usage The first of these is Vitamin C & Vitamin E Both these Vitamins are powerful anti-oxidants They protect hair from disease and also fortify the roots of hair .

The other is Vitamin B of which the most important is Biotin Also called as Vitamin B7 The protein which constitutes our hair is known as Keratin Biotin, or Vitamin B 7 aids in the formation of this protein Keratin and when there is a shortage of Biotin in our system then our hair become thin and lifeless The third is Vitamin B12 Folic Acid, Iron & Zinc All these four are essential for the formation of blood in our body If there is a shortage of blood in our system then Oxygen, which is essential for the health of our hair will not be able to reach the hair roots in an adequate quantity this causes the hair roots to weaken and thus begins hair fall the fourth is Protein For our hair to grow and to remain healthy it is very important to consume protein in adequate quantities because our hair are made of protein which is known as keratin All these vitamins, minerals and proteins stop the falling of hair and aid in hair growth they also make the roots of hair strong and also prevent premature whitening of hair The oil glands present in the root of hair also remain healthy when these vitamins and minerals are present which makes our hair shine and also prevents our hair from drying out Now I will tell you the names of some supplements/medicines These medicines contain a combination of the aforementioned vitamins and minerals and you can find these medicines easily at any medical store Many people consume only biotin capsules to prevent hair fall However, in my experience the cause of hair fall is often a result of a combined deficiency of many vitamins and minerals I will tell you the names of only Biotin Capsules, as well as pills which contain a combination of vitamins and minerals The first is The first is Bionid-Forte, by Nidus Pharma You should consume 1 tablet, daily after dinner for atleast 2 months The second medicine is Biofair, by Inventure Pharma This contains Biotin (Vitamin B7) and also Vitamin E It contains both This tablet should also be taken once daily, after dinner, for atleast 2 months The third is Biotouch Total, by Rhine Biogenics Besides Biotin, this contains Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc and Copper, amongst other minerals This is a better supplement, in my opinion this can also be consumed once daily after dinner for two months There are some other good medicines for hair fall such as Follihair by AHPL Pharma this also contains a good combination of biotin, vitamins and minerals and Foliglow by glenmark pharma You can decide which medicine suits you then select one of them. You should consume 1 tablet of it daily after meals for atleast 2-3 months but these medicines are quite expensive that is why I will tell you the names of some other medicines which are made by good companies and are not very expensive and also work well in reducing hair fall And these medicines contain a good mix of vitamins and minerals which keep hair healthy these are Becadexamine Capsules by GSK Pharma You should take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after Dinner for atleast 2/3 months for good results Next is Polybion Capsules, by Merck Pharma You should take 1 capsule of this daily, after dinner for atleast 2/3 months Now, the most important point which you all should understand well is that all these medicines are SUPPLEMENTS which means that you should consume these only as per requirement and once your hair fall stops you should stop consuming them these medicines are not food items which can be eaten all your life These medicines should only be consumed for a maximum of 2 or 3 months And if your hair fall does not reduce after consuming these medicines for a month then you should go to a good hospital/doctor and have a thorough medical check up done As you already know that for the formation of new hair, and for old hair to grow the body needs a good amount of protein However, I am not in favour of making up for a protein deficiency by consuming protein supplements If your hair have stopped falling but they are not increasing or if you only have a problem of hair not growing adequately then the deficiency of protein by vegetarians should be made up for by consuming in good quantities daal black gram kidney beans milk curd and cottage cheese If you are non-vegetarian then you should consume good amounts of egg fish and meat to make up for the deficiency Further, atleast twice a week if you wash your hair and keep them clean, it helps in reducing hair fall For this, one night prior to washing your hair mix 5/6 drops of Vitamin E oil in 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and then apply it thoroughly in your hair This helps in reducing hair fall and it also helps to keep hair shiny Friends, I hope you have found my video useful and all that i have suggested about the intake of Vitamin and Mineral supplements and also include protein in your diet in good quantities then your hair fall will stop And you will find it easier to have long, lush and shiny hair Thank you!

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