Huggies Snugglers.

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LOVE Huggies Snugglers. Poop trap at back top.I have tried many different diapers: Honest, Target, every Pampers, every Huggies, Target, Kroger and Albertsons diapers, Seventh Generation, Luvs.
It’s difficult to find Huggies Snugglers Size 4 in the store. I have to use Amazon.
I like Snugglers because it doesn’t soak through quickly like Pampers, is soft yet sturdy like Honest, and isn’t paper thin like Luvs. Also hugs better around thighs.

The best part- the poop trap at the top back of the diaper so that you have some extra insurance on a blow-out!!

My 29 month old and 11 month old wears them during the day.

For night time we don’t use them. We have a 2 diaper system for zero nightime blow outs:
Any size 4 non-chlorine diaper on 1st and a small slit cut in front of diaper where pee accumulates and then a size 5 overnight of any cheap diaper over it. It’s amazing, an engineer told me to do that for overnight. The cut in the 1st diaper (use non-chlorine for diaper that is cut, against baby’s skin) allows for overflow to the 2nd larger diaper.

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