How to make orio and bourbon biscuit cake

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Whenever there is a festive occasion a cake is usually required and we start looking out for a cake shop but instead of a cake shop if we make a cake with our own hands then there is more sentimental value attached to it. so why dont we make it ourselves? lets make a cake in an easy way without using any oven so shall we start? take a pressure cooker add salt to cover the bottom spread it nicely i have spread the salt evenly you can use the salt that we normally use in our homes. now place a ring in the cooker if you dont have a ring you can use a small steel plate inverted now we will light the flame and keep it medium and cover the cooker with its lid inverted heat for 10 minutes grease the cake tin with melted butter grease the sides too if you dont have butter paper then sprinkle some all purpose flour nicely. grease the butter paper with melted butter too you can use any instant coffee add 2 tbsp hot water let it infuse for 10 minutes we will make a fine powder of these in a grinder. we have made a fine powder add milk in small quantities while mixing i have added one whole cup of milk in it and mixed it well we need this consistency not too thick nor too thin pour the mixture in the cake tin you can see how smooth it is we need it this way tap a little pressure cooker is well heated now place the tin carefully inside the cooker use tongs to lift the cake tin because it be will too hot so be careful do not use the ring of the lid and do not use the whistle of the cooker also just close it this way we will cook on high flame for 5 minutes after that we will cook on a low flame for 25 to 30 minutes after that

we will check let us prepare the frosting till our cake bakes for chocolate frosting we need to make chocolate ganache add the one cup chocolate in a mixing bowl we need to heat the fresh cream do not heat too much slightly hot stop when bubbles come up pour over the choccolate now mix gently This will give a shine to our ganache mix well let it cool till then let us check our cake its been 40 minutes we baked it on low flame let us check we will pierce a skewer in the cake you can use a knife if you dont have skewers you can see nothing is stuck on the skewer this shows it has been baked properly put off the flame and remove the cake tin our cake has been baked perfectly we will let it cool before removing the cake from the cake tin its cool enough now invert the plate over the cake tin and then invert the cake tin now gently tap on the cake tin so that the cake inside loosens now lift the tin remove the butter paper please note before applying the frosting the cake should be cool enough otherwise the frosting will melt please make sure the chocolate frosting is cold enough it was put in a fridge to keep it cool we will beat it now frosting is creamy and fluffy now now we will decorate the cake

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