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You’ve probably heard Celine Dion’s “My HeartWill Go On” about a zillion times. We don’t blame you if you’re a little tiredof the Titanic ballad. Still, how well do you really know the Grammy-winningartist behind the hit song? Her heart wasn’t in her big hit Celine Dion initially loathed “My Heart WillGo On,” which went on to become her biggest hit, winning an Oscar and several Grammysfor the Titanic soundtrack. Dion recalled in an interview with Billboard: “I was in a suite with a piano at CaesarsPalace. [Songwriter James Horner] started to playthe song. With all the respect that I have for James…he is not the greatest singer.” Her husband, Rene Angelil, suggested Dionmake a demo, but she wasn’t sold on that idea. She’d recently produced two successful tunesfor movie soundtracks, “Because You Loved Me” and “Beauty and the Beast”, and didn’twant to push her luck. Angelil convinced Dion to record the demoanyway, and that was that, literally. She told The Jonathan Ross Show: “The demo is actually the real recording,I never sang the song again. Except three million times after that live.” Dion admitted that she does tire of performingthe tune, but that, quote, “it’s a good problem to have,” particularly when she sees emotionalfaces in the audience. Some folks doubted her chops It seems crazy today that anyone could questionCeline Dion’s ability to make good music for a movie, but there was a time when folks hadtheir doubts. Songwriter Will Jennings revealed to Songfactsthat Dion wanted to perform the song “Dreams to Dream” for the animated 1991 film An AmericanTail: Fievel Goes West, but Linda Ronstadt got the part instead. That arguably makes sense, considering Ronstadtperformed “Somewhere Out There” with James Ingram for the original 1986 flick, An AmericanTail. But get this: When it came time to record”Beauty and the Beast,” there was reportedly a big debate about whether Dion could getthe job done for Disney’s animated film. In the words of Entertainment Weekly, quote: “Dion was very young and had basically justlearned English; hiring her to sing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 1991 is the equivalent ofinvesting heavy in Google in, well, 1991.” That musical number would go on to win the1992 Oscar for best original song and earn Dion her first Grammy Award. We’d call that a good return on investment. Oscar is her middle name Okay, so that title is a lie, she was actuallyborn Celine Marie Claudette Dion. But her name may as well be “Oscar” becausewhen it comes to performing at the Academy Awards, she’s in a league of her own. Dion performed at the Oscars for the firsttime in 1992, singing “Beauty and the Beast” with Peabo Bryson and Angela Lansbury. She sang “Smile” during the show’s “In Memoriam”segment in 2011, and she and legendary Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli performed her single”The Prayer” in 1999. Who could forget when she performed her ownOscar-nominated song, “My Heart Will Go On,” in 1998 while rocking the famous heart-shapeddiamond necklace from the film? According to her website, Dion has, quote,”nerves of steel,” which she demonstrated in 1997, when she “became the first artistto perform two songs during the Oscars.” She sang “Because You Loved Me” from the movieUp Close and Personal, and, when Natalie Cole got the flu, Dion stepped up “with just oneday’s notice” to perform “I Finally Found Someone” off the soundtrack of The MirrorHas Two Faces. That time a Canadian won Eurovision Dion represented Switzerland in Europe’s annualEurovision Song Contest in 1988. The Canadian crooner won the competition forthe Swiss thanks to a mid-tempo French song. That international victory put her on thepath to becoming one of the world’s biggest recording artists. A year later, she opened the 1989 Eurovisioncontest with a performance of her single “Where Does My Heart Beat Now.” Dion recalled that experience on The JonathanRoss Show, stating: “It was a very strange adventure for me… I received a call. I was in Montreal, where I live, and theywant me to go to Ireland, and they want me to represent Switzerland as a French-Canadian… I didn’t get it.” “So I’m like, what about people in Switzerland? What are they gonna think? ‘Where’s she coming from? We don’t even know her!'” She also joked that she, quote, “felt likea horse” because people could bet on Eurovision contestants. Needless to say, the Swiss people were certainlypleased with their recruit. She quipped: “They gave me lots of chocolate.” She’s crazy about golf Celine Dion has been an avid golf-lover foryears. In fact, she loves the sport so much, sheowns her own course, Club de Golf le Mirage in Terrebonne, Quebec. Her $72.5 million estate in Florida also includeda simulated golf range as one of its many perks. It sounds like Dion is pretty good at thegame and a good sport! According to Bleacher Report, she boasts agolf handicap of 17 and once jumped into a pond with Australian pro golfer Karrie Webbat a tournament in 2000. She even has a personalized golf cart, becauseof course she does. The singer actually poked fun at her hobbywith a golf commercial on Rosie, which has been immortalized on YouTube. “With one of these, I know my drive will goon and on.” She met her husband when she was 12 Celine Dion was just 12 years old when shemet Rene Angelil, her manager who’d later become her husband. He was about 26 years her senior. However, she insists that it wasn’t untilshe was, quote, “17, 18 that [she] saw him differently,” and that they didn’t begin datinguntil she was 19. Dion told Access Hollywood that her motherwas furious about the relationship, in part because Angelil had been married twice beforeand already had three kids. Dion confessed: “It was very difficult for her. When I told her I had some really strong feelingsfor Rene she tried everything to kill him and make me snap out of it. I was very frustrated and mad at first… She said, ‘You’re my daughter, you’re my baby,and I want the perfect Prince Charming for you.’ And then it was so strong that my whole familywas in love with him, and she had no choice.” The couple wed in 1994 and had three sonstogether: René-Charles and twins Nelson and Eddy, reported People. They were married until Angelil’s tragic deathfrom throat cancer in 2016. Viva Las Vegas! Celine Dion was dubbed the “messiah” of LasVegas for helping the city dig out of dire straits. Stephen Brown, director of the Center forBusiness and Economic Research in Las Vegas, told The Telegraph: “She’s been called a ‘one-woman economic stimuluspackage,’ and I think there’s a lot of truth to that. People will come to the city just for herand they will spend money and as a consequence, she has an outsized impact on the economy.” She reportedly sold out every show duringher first Vegas residence from 2003 to 2007, and, during her second residency from 2011to 2014, Brown estimated that she’d create $114 million worth of new economic activity,including up to 7,000 jobs. All that, and yet Dion has been modest abouther impact on Vegas, saying: “I want people to come and not feel disappointed. That’s my most important job. I personally don’t think I have anything todo with the economy.” A beef with Meat Loaf? In the 1980s, songwriter Jim Steinman penned”It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” an epic power ballad supposedly inspired by WutheringHeights. According to CBC Music, singer Meat Loaf,a frequent Steinman collaborator, really wanted to perform and record that track, but Steinmanthought a woman needed to sing it. He gave it to a girl group called Pandora’sBox, but it wasn’t a hit. Years later, Celine Dion recorded the songfor her 1996 album Falling Into You. This time, the song peaked at No. 2 on theBillboard charts. However, before Dion got her pipes on thattrack, Steinman had reportedly promised it to Meat Loaf, who wanted it for his albumBat Out of Hell II. Meat Loaf told Billboard: “That was my song. I wanted to record it for Bat II and Jim said,’Let’s wait for Bat III,’ and I took him at his word. The next you know, Celine Dion is recordingit.” All’s well that ends well, we suppose. Meat Loaf finally got a chance to release”It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” in 2006 as a duet with Marion Raven. Meat Loaf’s associated album peaked at No.8 on Billboard’s charts, but alas, his hard-fought rendition didn’t make it on the Top 100. A new man — not “the” new man In early 2019, there were rumblings that CelineDion had moved on following the 2016 death of her husband. She and dancer Pepe Munoz have been spottedtogether numerous times from 2017 to 2019, even holding hands in public, yet Dion deniedany romance with the much-younger man. “But when people started to take pictures,and it’s like: ‘Who’s that guy?… Let’s not mix everything.” She insisted to Lorraine’s Dan Wootton thattheir alleged romance was basically invented by the media: “The press kind of took over, because theysaid: ‘Oh my God, you know, Rene just passed and yeah, there’s another man in my life butnot the man in my life.” Though Munoz isn’t the man in her life, heis there for her in a lot of ways, helping to physically train and style the singer andproviding companionship in what she swears is a purely platonic way. In fact, she considers them “best friends,”admitting: “We’re friends. We’re best friends. Of course we hug and hold hands and we goout, so people see that.” As for the romance rumors? She quipped: “I don’t mind because he’s handsome, and he’smy best friend.” She teamed up with Deadpool… kind of Celine Dion’s involvement with the Deadpool2 soundtrack came as a bit of a surprise to everyone, including the movie’s star, RyanReynolds. Dion was reportedly 100 percent down for themusic video for “Ashes,” which features the infamous Merc With a Mouth channeling hisinner Flashdance as Dion belts out the ballad. Director David Leitch told Entertainment Weeklythat Dion, quote, “understood what we were trying to do.” Leitch added: “And yeah, it was fun, and there might besome slight satire to it, but the song is a really emotional song, and we needed itto land in a genuine way for the movie, first and foremost.” Reynolds, a fellow Canadian, said he wroteDion’s manager a long letter begging the singer to work with them. “I sent her a long letter describing whatDeadpool is and what we’re hoping to do and somehow, two hours later or something, shesaid ‘Yes.’ And then we said, ‘How about a video?'” He was pleasantly surprised when Dion agreed. They filmed the video on the stage where sheperforms her Las Vegas residency. Reynolds claims: “The oxygen was set to like, 150 percent,so we were just laughing the whole time… That was probably one of the most fun daysI’ve ever had on a film set.” She likes the way she looks Celine Dion has loved high fashion for years,but the press has been studying the singer’s style choices closely of late. The songstress has been turning heads in outfitsthat appear decidedly more risqué than her past styles. Hello Daisy Dukes and slits up to there! The Cut dubbed this new and exciting era the”Céline Dionaissance,” but it has not been void of controversy. During Paris Fashion Week in 2019, Dion worea dazzling black gown, and were it not for her close pal Pepe Muñoz, she might havebared even more than intended. Us Weekly reported: “As the two sat to be photographed beforethe show started, the dancer leaned over to pull the center slit of her dress in. Crisis averted!” Dion also caught a lot of flak for her veryslim figure, with some fans expressing concern about her weight and health, but Dion is havingnone of it! She told The Sun: “I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine,and sexy.” “I wanna wear whatever I want. I wanna do whatever I choose to be.”

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