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Hi everyone…bring today a new recipe name is bhuna Mutton This is a very nice recipe it is very popular in Rajasthan please try this recipe the ingredients which we are using chopped onions – 3 tomato chopped – 1 Meat – 750 gm Kasuri Methi – 20 gm for giving flavor clarified butter – 60 gm ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp I have powder of hot spices spices roasted and made into powder powder is made from Nutmeg (1) Bay Leaf (1) , Cloves (4) Black pepper (8) , Black Cardamom (1) we first roasted them for 1-2 mins after roasting we grind them and made powder sugar – 1 tbsp red chilli powder – 2 tbsp coriander powder – 1 tbsp, turmeric – 1/2 tbsp salt to taste. I have taken 1.5 tbsp lime water – 2 tbsp using all these ingredients we will make Roasted Mutton from Jodhpur The recipe is little bit different and is very simple What I will do is add certain ingredients such as lime water we will do marination we next have kasuri methi make its powder and add it make sure to wash your hands when you put ingredients using hand add rest of the spices red chilli powder roasted hot spices it gives a wonderful aroma take chilli according to your taste because some chillis are very hot next add coriander powder next add turmeric which purifies blood very useful herb salt gives taste but it is not good for health we will now mix all these ingredients in meat marinate and keep for 1 hour Before starting to make bhuna gosht jodhpuri that I am not making it in a kitchen but making it on a set-out the weather is good here some time back it was raining and that is why I am making this recipe here First of all switch on the burner this pot is called “sipri” we are using this pot This mutton is now ready after marination which I kept for 1 to 1.5 hours now let us start cooking now let us add clarified butter clarified butter is now hot next adding onions make them golden brown next we add tomatoes also the marinated mutton is ready We will add this mutton with spices in mix of onions and tomato in the pan we do not use color here we use kashmiri red chilli here we have added meat in the mix of onions and tomatoes it is a very simple recipe we have not used ginger garlic paste will use them at last this meat will also release water I will add a little amount of water to tender the meat now we will cover the lid and keep on low heat for 45-60 mins Now let us see approx 45-50 mins have elapsed We have stirred it 2 times it is getting cooked so well this roasted mutton jodhpuri is a delicious recipe Now we will add ginger garlic paste once you add ginger garlic paste I can smell the aroma I have added it at last because so that it doesn’t burn I have mixed it well now to cook the gravy we will add a little amount of water I have added approximately 1 glass of water and again for approx 20-25 mins we will cover it and keep on low heat Now we will open the lid and see how is the recipe it is such a good recipe bone is leaving the pieces it means the meat is well tender now it took approx 1:45 hours to cook this this roasted mutton is ready now switch off the gas and transfer it in a separate bowl this is now ready to serve this is well tender and gravy also looks good .just try,thanku.

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