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what happens to your body when you walkfor 10000 steps every day does it actually lead to weight loss the shortanswer is yes but only if you do it properly this is actually how one of mystudents inside the fat loss accelerator was able to lose 25 pounds of fatwithout working out all she did was walk 10,000 steps every day and a couple ofother important things and I’m gonna share all those tips with you in thisvideo before we get started give this video a like subscribe to my channel andhit the bell to get notified every time I post a new video every week okay a lotof people don’t really consider walking as a form of exercise let alonesomething that leads to weight loss the average North American for example getsabout four thousand seven hundred seventy four steps every day which isnot even half of that 10k mark and I think that’s actually a pretty generousassumption especially for the majority of people who live a sedentary lifestylenow it’s not like 10,000 steps is this magical number but it’s a significantenough increase from what the average person gets per day it’s over twice asmuch so reaching that 10,000 sub mark in itself would be a huge accomplishmentfor a lot of people and it brings a boatload of benefits along with it this is important because two out of three American adults are either in theoverweight or obese category and childhood obesity is at an all-time highso for those people getting 10,000 steps every day is a great first step and it’sso easy to get started you don’t even need to stretch all you need is to laceof a pair of runners when you go outside which I highly recommend and a lot ofgood things start happening in your body now when you start walking more oftenand you start doing it more consistently three significant things happen to yourbody that moves you towards your weight loss goals the first one is walking keeps your heart rate below your maximum aerobic heart rate why is that importantwell your maximum aerobic heart rate is where you reap maximum aerobic benefitsthat’s maximum fat burning with a minimum amount of anaerobic stimulationin short walking burns mostly body fat and if you’re trying to lose weightthat’s exactly what you want if you go past this threshold of your maximumaerobic capacity you stimulate more cortisol which is your stress hormone bythe way because it’s hard you have to remember exercise is a type of stressand as your exercise intensity increases like when you start jogging or runningfor example because you feel like it’s a better workbecause it burns more calories and I’m gonna tell you why that’s irrelevant ina second here your body’s preferred fuel choice shifts from burning fat at lowerintensity which is what we want to an ever-increasing amount of glucosebecause it’s quicker and easier to burn when oxygen is lacking from your quickpace you know when you’re huffing and puffing when you’re running because youwant to burn all those extra calories fun fact calories burned on your fitness tracker does not translate to fat burned in your body it doesn’t work that way sowhen you burn glucose during your workout you’re also inadvertently teaching yourbody to burn sugar at rest even after your workout because your body alwaysadapts to whatever fuel source is always available this by the way is why you’realways craving something sugary and starchy after your run in fact there’s astudy done on endurance runners and they found that endurance runners tended tohave chronically high cortisol levels because they’re stressing their bodies way too much and chronically high cortisol levels leads to chronicallyhigh insulin levels and chronically high insulin levels opens up Pandora’s box to all sorts of nasty disease like diabetes obesity and cardiovascular disease forexample a typical endurance runner who spends 10 to 20 hours of running everyweek still carries like 10 to 20 pounds of body fat even though they’re burning tens and thousands of calories from training it doesn’t make sense they should have like zero percent body fat again calories burned during yourworkout simply doesn’t translate to body fat burned. Plus, running sucks and ifyou’re someone who’s spent countless hours on your favorite cardio machine like Idon’t know the elliptical Stairmaster or the treadmill or you’re someone who goesfor like a 30 minute jog or like an hour-long run every day and you’re notlosing weight this is why what you need to do is you need to slow it down likeway down that’s we’re walking and getting 10,000 steps every day comes inthe second reason why walking is so good for weight loss is that it helps loweryour fasting blood glucose and your fasting blood glucose is directly tiedto the amount of insulin that your body needs to produce to manage your bloodsugar levels and I talk a lot on my channel about why moderating yourinsulin levels is extremely important if you’re trying to lose weight so makesure you check out my other videos about it the third reason why getting in10,000 steps every day is so beneficial for your weight-loss goals is that it upregulates your fat-burning metabolism because again you’re mostly using fattyacids for fuel because you’re staying in the aerobic zone aerobic literally meanswith oxygen and fat burns well in the presence of oxygen walking also improvesyour ability to burn fat at rest now go ahead and hit that like button if youjust learned something new right there other benefits include improvedcardiovascular function which means that your heart can pump more bloodthroughout your body improved mitochondrial density it strengthensyour bones joints and connective tissues it builds a stronger immune system andyou get increased energy because you feel good and refreshed after your walkthis is why I always say that not every workout needs to be a near-deathexperience every time like if I start feeling lethargic when I’m workingthat’s usually a good sign that it’s time to go for a walk and I feel tentimes better afterwards every single time you also have to remember that ourPaleolithic ancestors regularly walked five miles every day we simply evolvedto move otherwise you’d be a tree the problem is we sit for a minimum of eighthours every day especially if you’re a student or you have like a nine-to-fivedesk-bound job we barely get out of our desks during work hours and there’s alot of studies now that shows that prolonged inactivity like sitting formultiple hours is one of the worst things that you can do to your body sostop acting like a tree like ideally for every hour where you’re sedentary or youknow you’re not moving much you need to spend five minutes being active like Idon’t know go for a walk every step counts and when you’re getting these10,000 steps every day consistently and that’s another big thing is that youknow the consistency of it on average 10,000 steps every day takes roughlyabout an hour and 40 minutes of walking plus or minus a couple of minutes andthat’s key by the way is that knowing that number so if you have a coupleextra bucks sitting around you can get a fitness tracker like this and I’m gonnalink to my favorite one in the description box and they’re super cheapthese days you guys preferably you want to get one with a heart rate monitor soyou can track your heart rate as well to make sure that you’re staying below yourmaximum aerobic heart rate which is 180 minus your age by the way so for me forexample 180 minus 33 I’m 33 gives me 147 beats per minute and I always want tostay below that whenever I’m going for a walkso don’t power walk having a fitness tracker is also nicebecause it helps keep you accountable it tells you how many steps you’ve takenthroughout the day it can send you notifications that it’s time to move soit gets your butt off the couch and again it keeps track of your heart rateit’s absolutely worth it because your healthso that’s your well-being is absolutely worth it but if you don’t have access toa fitness tracker that’s fine just use your watch and timeyour walks throughout the day and you can also use the pulse test to determineyour heart rate now some of you guys are probably saying an hour and 40 minutesthat’s a lot I don’t have time for that it’s actually not as bad as you thinkthe biggest thing that you have to remember here is that you don’t need toget all that walking done all at once you can actually break it up throughoutthe day and get the same benefits it might be even better and that’s anotherpoint that I want to bring up here and it’s just as important your goal is toavoid prolonged periods where you’re completely sedentary and walking is sucha great way to introduce movement throughout the day so you can sprinklemultiple walks throughout the day again for every hour where you’re inactive youneed to move for five minutes and the steps taken when you’re just walkingaround the house also counts by the way that’s why it’s so nice to have afitness tracker so if you’re completely brand new to this you can work up tothose 10,000 steps so if it’s day one just go for a 10-minute walk see howthat feels then evolve that to twice a day and thenthree times a day and then try to work up to those 4774 steps every daywhich is the average for me I go for a minimum of three 20-minute walks everyday Macey over here loves it and that’s another thing that I want tobring up is that walking after a meal has been shown to decrease the bloodsugar response by thirty percent you get to stabilize your blood Sugar’s a lotfaster it most likely has to do with the fact that you’re giving your body areason to use up all that glucose from your last meal that’s circulating inyour blood and burning it for energy right away and bonus points if you gofor a walk and you have access to nature like a trail a body water a river or youknow the ocean one of those things you should do your walks there because timespent in nature is really really good for your mental health it helps withreducing stress anxiety and depression now what if you live somewhere cold likeme I live in Canada well you’ve got to be creative you can join a gym and walk onthe treadmill which also encourages you to use the weights that’s over therewhich also brings its own sets of benefits one of them is that itbuilds lean muscle mass which is an unbelievably beneficial thing if you’retrying to lose weight or you can simply walk around your house or you can driveto the mall and go for a walk there but don’t blame me if you end up buyingsomething now one last thing and this might be the most important part of thevideo that I need you to understand for all of this to work if your goal is fatloss and I’m assuming it is walking only plays a supporting role in all of thiswalking isn’t a magic pill like you can’t keep eating a crappy diet andstart walking and expect the pounds to come off it doesn’t work like that youcan’t outrun a bad diet or for this scenario you can’t out walk a bad dietwalking for weight loss will only work if you pair it with the proper diet ifyou pair it with a diet that moderates your insulin levels and you make othersupportive lifestyle choices that up regulate your fat-burning metabolism ifyou want a proven plan on how to do this then make sure you stick around untilthe end of the video if you don’t do this and you just start walking you’llstill get a lot of the benefits from walking but weight loss won’t be one ofthem so I don’t want you to come back on this video and say Carlo I walked for10,000 steps every day but I’m not losing weight and it just goes back tohow one of my students all she did was walk for exercise but she did everythingelse right and she was able to lose 25 pounds of fat and dropped 6 dress sizesthat’s life-changing and if you wanna know exactly how she was able to do it thenkeep watching the next question then becomes how are you actually supposed toeat if you want to lose weight because here’s the thing 80% of your bodycomposition is determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do youhave a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give youa free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat aroundmy stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours atthe gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically designed for busyprofessionals and it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my privatecoaching clients and they’ve all gone to see some amazing results if you want tobe the next success story then download your FREE copy of the lean bodyblueprint right now there’s gonna be a link somewhere at the top here or in thedescription box just click on it type in your email and I’ll send it to you rightaway alright that’s all I’ve got give thisvideo a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends pleasesubscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I post a new v

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