Remedy to whitening face at home

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hey guys this is Libishiya and welcomeback to my channel LJ vlogs Before entering into the video,I will give you the outline of this video I think everyone knows thatwe have melanin pigment in our skin And it determines the colour of our skindark or light Sometimes melanin is produced more in some places of our skin and that will cause hyperpigmentation or discolouration in our skin To control that there are lot of skin lightening skin whitening creams are sold in market

Those cream contains more harmful chemical which are dangerous to our skin Instead of that I have skin whitening home remedy which is full and full natural one If you use this, you will definitely get good results because I have used it and gotten good results Since i have lot of pigmentation and discolouration I have dark circles too and more discolouration So i have tried this method and got good results and hence i’m sharing it with everyone Before going into the videoplease subscribe to our channel For this home remedy.

we are going to use POTATO Potato contains many skin benefits Don’t peel off the skin from potato instead use both skin and fleshy part of potatosince they contain more benefits potato contains more vitamins and also it contains bleaching propertiesthats why it helps to whiten or lighten skins Now i’ll show how it works Take 1 or 2 potato You can remove the skin and take the fleshy part and grind it in mixie or you can grind it with the skin itself I always include the skin alsoas it contains many nutritional benefits I have grind it in mixie.It looks like liquid paste We have strain it. I used white cloth to do it or we can use Tea strainer to strain it well There will be small particle which we have to remove Take a small piece of cotton and apply it on face You can alter it according to your skin type If you have dry skin, add honey to it If you have oily skin, add lemon to itIt will remove excess oil from your face If you have pimple or acne in your skin,add rose water to it Apply like this to the face once it dried completely,

you can wash your face If you have remaining juice, Don’t waste itYou can store it for 10 days in fridge You can use this juice as face pack as well Add gram flour or rice flour to it It will become like paste and You can apply that to the face. Wash it once its completely dried Friends, use both the methods and share the results.

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