Low carb diet to lose weight/no rice diet to lose weight

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Hi Guys, this is Dee and Welcome back to myChannel! So, you have seen my body transformation fromDay 1 to Day 7. It feels so good! I feel lighter. It seems like I gave birth and the heavy feelingwas gone. Also, at that time before starting the “NoRice / Low Carb Diet”, I already have an acid reflux also known as heartburn. I encounter poor digestion, with some shortness of breath though heartburn is not related to the heart . It makes me really scared. Yet, I can’t still help myself to stop eating! Especially when I’m watching movies (MovieMarathon) at home because I only work at home. I always think about food and what to eatevery now and then. There are also some instances that I feelso depress because I already have a big belly, I feel some discomfort (stuffed feeling),and I already feel heavy yet I keep on Eating! Before starting a diet, make yourself ready. You should be determine to start the wholeprocess of this diet so you will not waste any time and hardships that you will put inthis journey. Also, to avoid adding more stress to yourbody. For me, all Diet Plans are effective so longas you’re doing the diet plan right. Before I started the “No Rice / Low CarbDiet”, I’ve been eating a lot of food at a buffet. Before I feel like my money is not worth it if I eat less in a buffet, without even thinking that eating too much can make you sick. I also do yo-yo diet, I Eat a lot then Eat a little especially when summer comes to achieve the so called “beach body” immediately. My metabolism becomes so slow compared tomy younger days like when I was in College. So I fully dedicate myself to push throughthis “No Rice / Low Carb Diet for 7 days. Eating ” No Rice” with low carb meals willhelp you lose weight faster. Then I upgraded to Keto diet. This is for me to avoid going back to my old eating habits. So, did I struggle in starting this No Rice diet? YES, because I use to eat a lot of food with rice. Rice is the main staple in Filipino food. I can eat 3-5 cups of rice. I never imagined myself eating without rice. Is “No Rice / Low Carb Diet” as well as the result of my “Keto Diet”. With Keto diet, I get abs without doing any type of exercises. Now, I’m trying to maintain my figure so that my hardships in doing this diet won’t go to waste. Because there is a big chance that if I will go back eating rice/high carbs, my body weight/big belly will go back too! So I’m trying to incorporate this “No Rice / Low Carb Diet” in my routine, as my lifestyle. That is why, if you will check my/this channel you will see a lot of Low carb Recipes. Now, I was able to increase my carb intake and was able to eat a little portion of rice but I’m glad my acid reflux is gone after doing the strict Keto diet. There are so many factors that triggers my acid reflux before like, coffee, spicy food & oily food. However Keto diet with good fats doesn’t trigger my acid reflux. Now, I drink coffee without worries about acid reflux. I will show you my 7 days “No Rice / Low Carb / Keto Diet” meal plan. I lose a lot of weight in doing the (strict) Keto Diet. However if you will stop the diet you might regain back your weight lose. So, better continue eating low carb.Also, you have to experiment and check what works best for you. Because sometimes what is working for others might not work well for you. Also, you need to know what type of diet you can sustain to achieve longer goals. Because if you can’t sustain the diet there is a big chance that you will gain the weight back or more and that is so depressing! All your hardship will go to waste and your new clothes won’t fit you again. Before the Meal Plan. I would like to let you know that, I stop snacking between meals as much as I can. I drink apple cider vinegar and it helps to suppress my cravings. When I can’t resist some cravings, I eat some nuts (low carb nuts) & some low carb snacks. I’m glad I don’t have sweet tooth but sometimes I still do crave some sweets, so I eat dark chocolates. During my first week I did not use any Keto approved sweeteners because no sweet cravings on week 1. Here is my 7 days Meal Plan…Check this out! (Day 1) Breakfast: Avocado, chicken breast and a cup of water melon. Lunch: Ham & Spinach. Dinner: Beef soup with vegetables (Day 2) Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee. Lunch: Leftover of my yesterday’s dinner Beef soup with vegetable. Dinner: Ham & Egg with avocado, spinach and mung beans sprout. (Day 3) Breakfast: Apple Cider Vinegar with Lemon. Lunch: Chicken and Mung beans sprout with spinach Dinner: marinated pork belly with boiled egg & low carb vegetables (Day 4) Breakfast: Apple Cider Vinegar with Lemon. Lunch: Flaxseed pancake stuffed with chicken & lettuce and Bulletproof Coffee. Dinner: Chicken breast & Avocado wrapped in lettuce (Day 5) Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee. Lunch: Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce & Blanched Broccoli. Dinner: Cauliflower rice, Eggplant Omelette, Fried chicken & Avocado with cream cheese (Day 6) Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee. Lunch: (leftover from yesterday) Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce & Blanched Broccoli. Dinner:(leftover from yesterday) Cauliflower rice, Eggplant Omelette, Fried chicken & Avocado with cream cheese (Day 7) Breakfast: Apple Cider Vinegar with Lemon. Lunch: Egg & pepperoni and Bulletproof Coffee. Dinner: Cauliflower rice (Chao Fan style) and avocado with cream cheese. Here are my snacks… Low Carb Nuts, Pork rinds & G Active for added electrolytes Like what I’ve mentioned previously, I have good results in doing the “7 days No Rice / Low Carb Diet” unfortunately there are chances that I went back & forth to eating low/high carbs until I decided to go on strict Keto. I was able to adapt the Low Carb diet lifestyle after doing strict Keto. This is the result of my 7 days strict Keto Diet. With strict keto, I get abs without doing any type of exercises. I encounter some Keto flu, I felt so weak & experience fatigue during my first week of Keto yet the result is worth it. I feel so much Happy with the result that is why until today I practice eating low carb as much as possible. Now, I do some longer fasting hours Also after hitting my weight goal, I increase my carbs intake and sometimes I eat a little portion of rice but I always make sure that I don’t eat too much carbs (my max of carbs may range from 50-60 grams). So this is my Journey. I hope I was able to inspire you 🙂 There is really NO easy way; like me, you might start with a fad diet (popular for a time) but if you are determined to lose weight you can really do it! Primarily, I just want to eliminate my bloating. Also I already feel sick! . It is so difficult that you’re a bit depressed, you’re alone, and nobody can help you because you can’t stop your unhealthy eating habit! You need to help yourself. . Before starting the diet I feel anxious and now I feel so Happy, I feel so light, so GOOD! I become so productive! Unlike before after eating a meal all I wanted to do is go to bed , I feel sleepy (food coma). And when I’m in bed I’m thinking about my time being wasted and what will happen in the future and then I can’t process my emotions and I become sad again 🙁 I’m getting depressed and not happy about myself , my self-esteem is very low. I stop checking my social media accounts and posting anything about myself. Now I’m active, energetic and very productive. I feel lighter and so much happier about myself. I started No Rice / Low Carb /Keto Diet because I want to lose weight. But I stay on this diet (on my 7th month) because of the benefits I have experienced like good sleep; my brain fog is going away. I lost my keys several times before, now I haven’t lost any keys 🙂 Also, I incorporate minimalism in my lifestyle and it helps me a lot on being more productive with my time. “The beginning is the hardest part to overcome. To decide that you will live the life of your dreams can be a scary undertaking but worth it nonetheless. Begin now, beyond your fear, and create your new life.” You can check out my previous videos for affordable and easy Low carb & Keto recipes. I have a lot of recipes including breads and muffins that are made of Almond flour and Coconut flour. More of my Recipes are Filipino Food. You might find my recipes interesting and you might love them too! Now I feel strong and healthy. Try this diet! I’m receiving a lot of good feedback from family & friends and from random people who have tried this diet and they are really happy with their journey too! Try it too and Good luck on your journey! Whatever diet (as much as possible healthy diet) that you want to try so long as you feel good about it and that you can sustain it, then go

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