How to make rava dosa

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Hi guys do you know rava dosa delecious and healthy, today we will be making Rava Dosa. The ingredients used to make Rava Dosa are very simple and they don’t need fermentation So as soon as the Dosa batter is ready, the Dosa is almost ready. For the Batter, first we need Semolina, we’ll add Rice Flour and White Flour to this. In this goes Salt, chopped Green Chilli, chopped Curry leaves, chopped Ginger, Cumin, and chopped Coriander. Now we add a lot of water. We need a very thin batter. We’ll mix it. More water. Do you see how thin this is. This is the right consistency, we’ll now leave it like this for 10 minutes. What happens is that the Semolina will bloom a little and the batter will thicken a bit. In the meantime, we’ll heat the Griddle. This batter has rested for 10-15 minutes, we’ll mix it nicely. It has thickened a bit but is still very watery. This is the right consistency. First, we’ll put Onions on the griddle. Mix the batter nicely and splash this batter over the hot griddle. Now, gently we’ll scrape this and we will flip this. See this, beautiful. And flip it and fold it. Now, let’s just remove it. There. Our perfect Rava Dosa is done.

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