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Take 3 really ripe medium sized tomatoes for this soup. Slice the tomatoes into a cooker This soup serves 2 persons Try to take not too tangy tomatoes for the soup 2 garlic pieces (optional) Add one bay leaf Add 10 – 12 whole pepper (add according to your preference) Add salt If u want y ou can add Onion ,Small piece of carrot or beetroot, spices like Cloves or cinammon according to your choice..but here I am not using any of these .. Add 1 cup of water Cook till 3 whistles on medium heat the tomatoes will be cooked well by the end of 3 whistles Once the tomatoes cool down grind it well , remove the bay leaf before grinding it To top the soup lets make some Crouton. You can make the Croutons by either baking or frying Here I am making the Crouton by frying the bread in butter 2 slices of bread has been cut into small cubes To bake it you can spread olive oil and butter on the bread and keep in the oven You can fry the bread plain as well. Fry the bread pieces in butter till it turns brown in colour and becomes crispy Remove from heat once the bread turns golden Have added 1/2 glass of water while grinding the tomatoes Sieve the mixture Heat a Kadai Add 1 tsp of butter This step of butter and cornflour will give the correct consistency and a restaurant style tomato soup (you can avoid the step if you dont want too much of butter) Once the butter is heated add 1 tsp of cornflour Saute it till the raw smell of the cornflour goes Saute till it is slight brown Add the sieved mixture to this add 1/4 th of the tomatoes mixture. Mix well and then add the rest of the mixture Stir well so that no lumps are found You can vary the thickness according to your preference . ( by adding more cornflour to thicken or more water to loosen) add rest of the tomato puree Check the salt and add some sugar too . The sugar should be added according to the sweetness of the tomatoes Adjust the pepper according to your preference Boil for 5 minutes Stir well Serve the soup hot When the bubbles on the top settle the soup is ready This is very natural recipe .If u want you can add tomato sauce or cream according to your choice Take of the heat after 5-6 minutes This thickness looks good Serve it in a soup bowl and enjoy the hot soup Add the Crouton on top Hope u liked the delecious soup.

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