Do you know that vitamin E is extremely beneficialfor your skin?

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Do you know that vitamin E is extremely beneficialfor your skin? And thatusing vitamin E can keep your skin healthy and glowing? Do you want to know the benefits of vitaminE and how it should be used? Then this is the right video for you. Hello, I am Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, Cosmeticdermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon, Clear Skin and Hair MD,Pune. Vitamins, nutrients, minerals and trace elementsin your diet play a very important role in keeping your skin healthy. It is important to eat a healthy and balanceddiet to get the right vitamins and nutrients. It is also beneficial to consume vitamin supplementsand topical products along with your diet. Vitamin E is very useful for issues like acne,psoriasis, premature ageing, dull, lustreless skin and dry skin. We will discuss this in today’s video. So let us see how vitamin E helps skin. Vitamin E is a fat soluble and essential nutrientthat has anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E is not a single vitamin. It is a group of fat soluble vitamins thathave antioxidant properties. Now let us see what are the different typesof Vitamin E. Vitamin E is naturally available in 8 differentforms. Surprised? Yes, Vitamin E is available in the form ofAlpha-, Beta-, gamma-, and delta- tocopherol,as well as Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma-,and Delta-tocotrienol. According to the National Institute of Health,tocopherol is a form of vitamin E that we need. A lot of people ask us if vitamin E is goodfor the skin. Is vitamin E good forglowing skin? And How to use vitamin E for skin? So let us take a look at scientific informationassociated with this. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that preventsdamage that occurs due to free radicals. It removes harmful toxins from your body. It also protects your skin from harmful ultravioletrays and prevents skin cancer, premature ageing and photo damage. Along with this, it reduces itching skin andeczema. But you should keep inmind that it does not reduce itching caused by allergies or infections. It can provide temporary relief from itchingcaused by dry skin. If you suffer from mild psoriasis, vitaminE is a good option for you. It hasmoisturising and healing properties that help to keep your skin healthy. It also has anti inflammatory properties thatcan soothe your skin. Vitamin E nourishes your skin from withinand makes it soft. Vitamin E may also help to reduce the appearanceof your scars. It helps torejuvenate scars and causes them to fade. People ask us if vitamin E is helpful in preventingfine lines, wrinkles, loose skin and early ageing. The answer is yes. Vitamin E helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Nowadays wrinkles are becoming more and morevisible due to photo ageing, sun damage, pollution and dry skin. Vitamin E keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised,this reduces your wrinkles and makes your skin look youthful. Vitamin E also helps to repair skin and treatseveral skin disorders. This protects you from sun damage and helpsto heal scars and burns. Vitamin E has also been helpful in wound healing. Vitamin E has alsoproven to be quite effective in reducing stretch marks. Using vitamin Eregularly has helped a lot of people to improve the appearance of theirstretch marks. Vitamin E also helps to reduce dark circles. If you include gentle massageswith vitamin E in your daily skincare routine, it can help to reduce your darkcircles to some extent. Vitamin E also acts as a cleansing agent. It helps to remove impurities likedust and debris and maintains the skin’s oil balance. Vitamin E is even good for your lips. Vitamin E hydrates and moisturises dry orchapped lips and makes them soft. It is quite beneficial for atopic dermatitis,fatty liver disease and Alzheimer’s disease when taken orally. Often the vitamin E levels in your skin mayreduce due to exposure to the sun or UV light. The vitamin E levels in the body will reduceas the person ages. But don’t worry. Vitamin E is available in a lot of foods andis available in oral supplements and topical product form. So first let us take a look at the differentfoods it is available in. Vitamin E is available in a lot of differentfoods. Broccoli, spinach and greenleafy vegetables have a high percentage of vitamin E. Dry fruits, sunflower seeds, vegetable oilsand safflower oils also have vitamin E.In non vegetarian foods, eggs, fish such as salmon and other seafood arevery good sources of vitamin E. This natural vitamin E is called d-alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin E is also created synthetically. The synthetic form of vitamin E is dl-alpha-tocopherol. Natural vitamin E is better than syntheticvitamin E. Vitamin E is easily absorbed and it is combinedwith vitamin C as well. Vitamin E is recommended to you as per yourage. The National Institute of Health recommends15 milligrams daily to teenagers, adults and pregnant women. Vitamin E oil can be used 4 or 5 times a week. But this depends on your skin type. If your skin type is dry or combinationtype, you can use vitamin E 3 times a week. If you have oily skin you can use vitaminE oil once a week. People who have healthy food in their dietdon’t suffer from vitamin E deficiency. In certain conditions like cystic fibrosisand Crohn’s disease, it is important to eat vitamin E supplements. Topical vitamin E has a lot of benefits foryour skin. This is available in cream and oil form. It is used in different cosmeticproducts like anti-ageing creams, skin rejuvenation and skin lighteningcreams, daily skincare products or night creams, eye serums, sunscreens,and makeup products. Vitamin E is a very good moisturiser for dryskin. But it is very thick anddoes not spread easily. Vitamin E is also available in capsule formand it can be cut open and applied directly on to the dry areas. Vitamin E oral supplements are available,but are these safe? There is no limitation on the eating vitaminE rich foods. This is not harmfulfor you at all. But taking vitamin E supplements can be alittle risky. Vitamin E in largedoses may cause blood clots and cause brain bleeds. Vitamin E also interferes with certain medications. It reduces theeffectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. If you are pregnant,take vitamin E supplements only under the supervision of your doctor. Oral vitamin E may be safe in infants or children. If you have had angioplasty or heart surgeryyou should avoid vitamin E because it will interfere with your healingprocess. Using vitamin E if you have diabetes may increase the chances of heartfailure. An intake of vitamin E may cause blood clotsin people who have vitamin K deficiencies. Avoid using vitamin E if you have an eye conditioncalled retinitis pigmentosa as it may cause vision loss. If you are suffering from bleeding disorders,do not use vitamin E supplements. If you have head or neck cancer avoid takingvitamin E supplements. Insuch cases you should have an intake of less than 400 mg vitamin E.Vitamin E also increases the chances of developing prostatecancer. If you are planning to get any surgery done,stop eating or using vitamin E 2 weeks prior to the surgery. That is why you should consult with a doctorbefore taking any vitamin E supplements. Don’t take any supplements without consultingwith your doctor. If you have very sensitive or oily skin youshould not use vitamin E. Vitamin E oil is not good for oily and acne-proneskin. While this is very uncommon, vitamin E maycause rashes, irritation, and itching in some people. Always patch test vitamin E products beforeusing them. You can patch testit on your wrist, behind your ear or on the inner side of your arm. Leave iton for 12-24 hours and if you don’t notice redness, irritation, peeling or anyother difficulty or allergic reaction, you can use that product. I hope that you got the information you werelooking for about how vitamin E is beneficial for skin from this video. If you have any other questions, you can askus on Thisis an educational video, so always consult a skin specialist or dermatologistbefore using any product. Vitamin E is available in many forms like capsules, creams, oils, serums,moisturisers. It is also naturally available in your dietlike fruits, vegetables and meat. But you must keep it in mind that you should take vitamin E supplementsonly under the supervision of the doctor. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. As I said, if your diet is good, you won’tneed vitamin E supplements. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, do regularexercise, manage your stress and stay happy and tension free. Your skin can definitely become glowing andhealthy. All the best. Thank you.

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