11 health benefits of banana

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The banana is delicious and all season fruit.it specially originates in India but grown all over the world.the popular selection is Green bananas,however there are red and yellow bananas.There are even applebananasthat look andsmell like apples.This type of variety is grown up in European nation.The banana is named the fruit ofparadise.It became most valuable because of its nutrition value like it contains all necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body.

One serving of banana contains a hundred and ten calories, thirty grams of a macro molecule(carbohydrate) and one gram of supermolecule (protien) . Bananas are naturally free from fat, steroid alcohal , and sodium. Bananas give a spread of vitamins and minerals: vitamin B – zero.5 mg.

11 health benefits of banana

1.Blood Circulation:

The potassium in banana helps to improve the nervous functioning and circulation in the body.

2.Blood pressure:

Two bananas a day keeps blood pressure away. A regular diet of this fruit keeps blood pressure normal, as its potassium and magnesium help improving equilibrium.

You probably apprehend that feeding excessive amount of salt will raise force per unit area,however the general public aren’t attentive to the advantages of atomic number19(potassium) that counters sodium’s unwell effects. Most don’t get enough of this mineral.

According to the 2010 Dietary tips for Americans,individuals with cardiovascular disease might particularly like upping the quantity of potassium in their diet. Adults ought to get a minimum of four ,700 milligrams each day .some smart sources: bananas (422 milligrams each), a Irish potato with skin (738 milligrams), fruit crudh (496 milligrams per cup), and light or low-fat a yogurt(531–579 milligrams per eight ounces).

3. Ulcerative colitis:

Ripe bananas are beneficial in curing this disease, they not only relieve acute symptoms but also improve the healing process.


They are of nice value in controlling diarrhoe because they normalise the intestinal colic function. They conjointly possess the ability to vary the microorganism within the intestines from the harmful sort to the benign sort.

5.post workout meal

Bananas are high in the great sorts of carbs that one deed after an exercise. These quick-acting carbs help re-establish the body’s dimensions of glycogen, which is known to help remade harmed muscles. Besides, bananas are stuffed with potassium.

6.Prevents wrinkles

Bananas contain vital amounts of ascorbic acid, that plays an important role in maintaining the standard of the skin. ascorbic acid is needed to make albuminoid, a substance which providesstructure to skin tissue. Banana fortifies the albuminoid level to boost skin’s physical property and forest all wrinkles.

7.Good for digestion

A single, medium sized banana contains sixteen % of the daily suggested quantityof fibre. The high amounts of fibre in banana alter the food to maneuverswimmingly through the digestive tube and flushes out toxins and serious metals from the body. It acts as a prebiotic, stimulating the expansion of friendly bacterium within the intestine. Banana is wealthy in cellulose, a fibre that aids digestion and eases constipation. cellulose in banana provides a substantial quantity of soluble fibre, that makes the stool soft and ponderous, promoting a sleek bm. Thus, bananas square measure most well-liked over laxatives to treat constipation.

8. To improve good sleep

Bananas contain essential amino acid, ANaminoalkanoic acid that’s born-again to 5-hydroxytryptamine within the body, thathelps management depression. correct 5-hydroxytryptamine levels within the body improve reduces stress and enhances happiness levels in a very person. It additionally regulates sleep patterns. Banana could be a smart snack for those that feel stressed thanks to work. A banana nightly before sleeping mightassist you get sound and peaceful sleep.

Sleep is additionally a biological process that needs energy. after you consume a banana before progressing to bed, you facilitate your body prepare energy from a healthy supply. This could conjointly make sure that you have got higher sleep higher quality which you come to life with a healthier body. (Related: Banana stem juice demonstrates medication potential – study.)

9.Banana is fiber-rich food

The metabolic process takes place at night until early in the morning, and eating a banana rich in fiber before turning around at night can help prevent constipation. Bananas can also help promote regular bowel movements.
10.Bananas contain antioxidants.

Like other fruits and vegetables, bananas have nutritional antioxidants such as catechins and dopamines. Both antioxidants are associated with various types of health services, such as a lower risk of heart disease and degenerative diseases.

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