Soup/Best way to reduce carbohydrates in your diet is using vegetables soup

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Best way to lose weight is to reduce carbs in our diet right?we have to reduce carb in rise ,chapati,bread,pasta,burger chips.Eating vegetable  is the right choice but,all time we cannot eat raw vegetables,so we can eat vegetables in curry or making soup …making delecious soup with simple ingredients is the key.
Let’s start vegetables soup
Cut all vegetables :: may be cabbage, carrot, brinjal,raddish, cauliflower,bottleguard whatever you get cut into small pieces and keep side…ok
@ take pan put one teaspoon oil in it and add one onion(cut into small pieces) after bonion becomes brown add mustered seeds and add ginger garlic paste one teaspoon into it and fry and add tomoto puree one small cup to it fry and add green chilli powder , turmeric powder,and salt yo your taste fry all these later 5 minutes add all vegetables which you cut into small pieces to this pan and mix all well and add
2 to 3 cups of water..and cook for 15 to 20 minutes…that’s it…
Replace one meal with this soup .. delecious.

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