Jumprope challenge to lose weight/skipping challenge to lose weight

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Remember!childhood days were what days no tension no worries little bit had to study but ok manageble in those days …we always use rope for jumping for fun how active we were …as growing specially women became lazy or less physically active leads to overweight or obesity….here also we have to take 60 days challenge of jumping with rope … definitely it’s great cardiovascular exercise than running or cycling even jumping rope burns more calories than any other exercise…it also reduce belly.

Benefits of jump rope:

Burn more calories:

Analysis has shown that jumping rope  will assist you to burn roughly 1300  calories per hour and our case studies have well tried it.

Expanded muscle commitment: 

With substantial bounce ropes, you connect more muscle bunches with each exercise, prompting quicker outcomes. 

Enhanced cardio:

Jumpping rope can raise your pulse a few times quicker than different activities and offer the equivalent oxygen consuming building benefits as running with less effect on the joints.

60 days jumping rope challenge:::

Day 1::: we should do at least 100 jumping with rope …it will be harder for every body who is doing first time….but don’t quit just do it or do it through listening motivational music on YouTube you will get so many motivational videos…
Day 2 ::: do the same at least 100 rope jumping…but should be hydrate with water, sip water between jumps..
Day 3 ,.,here add extra 100 jumping rope total do 200 jumping rope.
Day 4 :: here add extra 100 jumping rope do 300 jumping rope..
Day 5 daily adding 100 jumping with rope until it became 1000 ….
Take rest every 6th or 7th day …take this challenge for 60 days and see the results ..

Diet:: definitely diet must be add to this challenge keto diet will be better if you follow this diet if nothing then low carbs diet also works to this challenge..

Breakfast ..will one small bowl oats with vegetables.
Snak::: one apple or any fruit papaya
Lunch ::
2 chapati .one small bowl daal and one small bowl vegetables
Snak:: 2 married gold biscuit with green tea or tea without sugar
Dinner at 7.30 maximum should be done. big bowl vegetables with one small chapati…
Note ::; people with BP, diatebetes,any kidney liver or heart disease please consult from Doctor before this exercise….
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