How to make perfect green smoothie/green smoothie for weight loss

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Green smoothie benefits: green means first will come in our mind is vegetables right? We will go to the market to buy green we will get so many green veggies like beans, spinach, cabbage, cucumber bottle guard, cereal.etc.but never thought it benefits… green vegetables have so many benefits provided to the body..let’s see what are those..
@ green leafy vegetables became more wanted nutrients among younger generation…why now younger generation don’t give much time to their health because they consume whatever gets in their canteen…
@ green vegetables became more wanted part for our healthy diet ,they are good source of vitamin, mineral and fibre…why these 3 are important …#vitamins are organic molecules each and every organism needs in small quantity for proper function of it’s metabolism.. a living organism cannot produce by itself but should get through our diet.viyamins are like A, E,D,B,C like…Minerals also organic substances cannot be produced by a living organism but get through our proper diet. let’s start to make a delicious and nutritious green smoothie.
@ take frozen banana half a cup, half cup kiwi fruit, half cup spinach, and help apple, small piece of ginger and half cup water and grind all these in a mixer jar and ready to drink.
@take half cup of avocado, half cup frozen banana, half cup blueberries, half cup spinach, one tablespoon almond butter and a pinch of ginger and a half teaspoon of cinnamon and half cup of skim milk and grind all these items in the jar if you want to add ice cube in it for chill you can…delicious smoothie ready to drink.
@ take half cup spinach, half cup of frozen banana, half teaspoon honey, half cup curd, a pinch of cinnamon and half lemon juice and half cup low-fat milk and grind all these ingredients in the jar. Ready to drink it.
@take half cup of parsley, half cup of banana, half cup of low-fat milk, one tablespoon almond butter, a piece of ginger, lemon juice one teaspoon and grind it.
I always add ginger as it has antibacterial and antiviral property in it.. Lemon always a good source of vitamin c which fights against cold and cough.
The best greens are spinach, parsley, cereal, avocado, cucumber. you can mix and match with any fruit and make a healthy and delicious smoothie and we can replace with any meal of the cop of green smothie has hardly 200 calories with full of nutrients.


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