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GM diet
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Want is GM diet? Actually what it is is also known as General Motor diet it was usauallly introduced to employees by unites State of agriculture department in1985  they want to increase the productivity  of their employess.
It is usually plan for 7 days…let’s start
Day 1:::we have to eat only fruits it may be ۔papaya۔ water melon, apple, orrange,strawberries but except bnana and mango as these have more calories water is must at least 9 to 10 glasses of water.
Day 2::::: we have to eat only vegetables like broccoli,cabbage,tomoto ,green beans ,carrot but big no to potato as it chaving more carbs  tea lovers drink tea with slim milk without sugar if you sacrifice then better to take green tea..must drink water water hydrate the body is important…
Day 3::: combine both fruits and vegetables.whole day we have to eat any kind of fruits and vegetables except bnana and potato
Day 4: It’s going to very interesting guys please read full::: what we have to eat is in the
Break fast ::: 2 bnana + one full glass of milk + small bowl vegetables
Lunch ::: 2 bnana + medium bowl of vegetables.
Dinner ::: 2 bnana + bowl vegetables + one glass milk..
Day 5:::: in breakfast sprouts any kind of one small bowl and beans in India say rajma
Lunch :: medium size vegetables soup plus cucumber
Evening: apple
Dinner ::: lean meat 200gram may chicken or fish with small bowl vegetables.
Day 6:::in this day we have to eat same as day 5 must drink water at least 10 glasses to hydrate the body.
Day 7 :::: last day in this day we have
Break fast::: eat small bowl red beans plus water melon small bowl and 4 straw berries
Lunch ::: brown rice plus small bowl cabbage and broccoli.
Dinner same as lunch ..water must to drink
Note ::: marriage is near but dress not fit then diet is definitely work.
Note::: pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers not recommended to follow this diet.

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