How to lose at least 2 kg of unwanted fat in week #Indian diet plan to lose 2 kg fat in week

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Definitely losing weight became most popular issue nowadays …specially for ladies whenever kitty parties there, ladies start to talk about weight lose ..these questions always arises? Sheela you have lose so much weight yaar.? please tell how? Sheela always tell no yaar I eat everything in the kitchen. I eat white rice, chapati even poori also ..bla bla…guys don’t believe all these . Actually I personally feel that diet plan is not important but stick to diet plan is very important..then question is what to do …so many dieticians suggest that change the diet plan weekly if you don’t then after 2 weeks because body became adjust to it and don’t lose weight ….so let’s see diet plan for a week .
Breakfast::: Drink warm water with venegar it will be better if it is apple cider venegar .
After one hour medium bowl of oatmeal with blue berries or straw berries ,bnana ok but most people avoid it because of calories ..
Snack ::: most Indian ladies even me do mistake here what we always prefer tea with biscuit …but it is better to drink slim milk tea without sugar or best to drink green tea with medium size apple.
Lunch ::: lunch may be around 1.30 to 2.30 we have to cosume small 2 chapati and small bowl vegetables sabzi and small bowl daal..
Evening :::: snack time ,here drink tea without sugar with 2 marriegold biscuits. we have to finish between 4.30 into 5.30.
Last and important meal is dinner around should be finished between 7.30 to 840. Big bowl of vegetables ,any kind of vegetables like broccoli carrot ,tomoto,,cucumber, bhindi it may be ladies finger, bottel gourd,cabbage brinjal,tomoto but big no to potato,with small cup of brown rice ….
Note ::: exercise most important with diet plan at least 30 minutes brisk walk is advisable. Any one can do it ..
The people who are suffering from any serious health issue please take advice from doctor to follow any kind of diet plan.

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